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The Old Goat
For that lovable old goat
 of a relative or friend

Sign Keepsake

Words from the Sign Guy
"One of my favorite Sign Moments was with an OLD GOAT sign. A 39 year old guy was feeling bad at the idea of turning 40. So, some of his buddies got together to get him the OLD GOAT sign. Only on his nameplate they had me say he was 50! I don't know how many people in his neighborhood still think he is past the half century mark!"

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The Spring Chicken
Because some people never grow old


Sign Keepsake

Another Spring Chicken


Words from the Sign Guy
"The SPRING CHICKEN is one of our favorite signs and people seem to have a lot of fun with it. I've seen a 30 year old start threatening her sisters that she'd get even with them and a 70 year old grandma break out in tears when her grandkids led her outside to see her sign."

The Big Cake
Celebrates the big day

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  Say It With A Sign rents lawn announcements.  We deliver 8 foot signs to your lawn to announce all occasions.  Our lawn signs include signs for birthdays, children's birthdays, adult birthdays, congratulations, wedding announcements, birth announcements, baby showers, wedding showers.  For any occasion we will install a sign.  Lawn sign deliveries usually take place between midnight and 5AM in order to surprise the subject.  Signs are large and colorful.  Each sign is individualized with a printed 'Archival Keepsake' which you can keep to remember the event.  Lawn announcement and signs can be rented for 1 to five days.