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  Why Say It With A Sign™?  

Give someone special a wakeup surprise by having us decorate their yard before 5 am with a huge 8-foot personalized special occasion sign! Click the signs link above to check out our selection of signs.

Look how BIG the Say It With A SIGN™ signs are!
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Say It With A SIGN™ signs come with unique personalized computer designed nameplates which are printed on a durable plastic board.

What makes Say It With A Sign™ unique is the personalized name plate the recipient will treasure for years to come.

  • 18" x 24" personalized name plate

  • Mounted on a sturdy plastic board

  • Weatherproof!

And best of all . . . you fill in the blanks to celebrate the special occasion!

Your Personalized Name Plate
(as shown above)


Say It With A Sign rents lawn announcements.  We deliver 8 foot signs to your lawn to announce all occasions.  Our lawn signs include signs for birthdays, children's birthdays, adult birthdays, congratulations, wedding announcements, birth announcements, baby showers, wedding showers.  For any occasion we will install a sign.  Lawn sign deliveries usually take place between midnight and 5AM in order to surprise the subject.  Signs are large and colorful.  Each sign is individualized with a printed 'Archival Keepsake' which you can keep to remember the event.  Lawn announcement and signs can be rented for 1 to five days. 

You Pick the Sign...
We Do the rest...


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